Ambi-Catch and EMR-C bundle

Ambi-Catch and EMR-C bundle

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Include magazine catch spring (30% extra spring rate)
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The AMBI-CATCH(tm) is a patented drop-in replacement of the original magazine catch for M16A2 Rifles, M4 Carbines and other firearms that use an M16 type magazine.
When installed, the Ambi-Catch(tm) also gives both right and left-handed shooters the flexibility to choose from several different magazine release methods.

It is one of our favorite ambidextrous mag catches for the AR15/M16 in the market.  Indeed, the idea of an improved bolt catch was conceived when we started using the Ambi-Catch more than a decade ago, the idea went on to become the ABC/R (Augmented Bolt Catch / Release).

Here the Ambi-Catch is bundled with the EMR-C (Enhanced Mag Release, Competition).

The EMR-C features a slightly curved button surface to fit the natural curvature of your finger. The form fitting curve, along with horizontal serrations, create a self centering surface that inhibits the finger's vertical movements. The EMR-C has an uninterrupted surface and serrations, its taller profile makes it easier to press and is only 0.04 taller than the factory magazine release button. When installed, the EMR-C has a 0.08 protrusion above the mag release button fence on most forged receivers.

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