Mega Slide Lock (5.56mm ARs)

Mega Slide Lock (5.56mm ARs)

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Part Number:Mega Slide Lock (5.56mm ARs)
Made from 7075-T651 billet aluminum and finished in black Nitride, Mega Arms Slide Lock is a latchless ambidextrous charging handle.  We first got to see it (and were given one by Mega's Jason Curns) at 2015 SHOT Show, and we've been a fan ever since.  Indeed, most of our LDFA product pictures were taken with the Slide Lock in the background.

Its natural stablemate is the rimless, small footprint and lefty friendly LDFA (Low Drag Forward Assist).  LDFA was purpose designed for use with an ambidextrous charging handle like the Slide Lock. 

The LDFA does not have a rim on the plunger and is smaller than a standard forward assist. More importantly, on an AR15 or M16 equipped with an ambidextrous charging handle, when the user pulls on the right latch to load or reload the weapon, the rimless design allows for fluid rearward movement of his hand and charging handle, without snagging on his fingernail or knuckle.

Here available as a bundle, it is a perfect solution for any serious shooter that trains and shoots from both shoulders.

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