SLCF (Selectable Lower Components, Forward Controls)

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ABC/R Variations
Trigger Guard
Magazine Catch
Magazine Release Button
Castle Nut
Carbine end plate
Receiver Extension
Buffer and buffer spring
SLCF (Selectable Lower Components, Forward Controls Design) is the answer to many veteran AR users and builders.  Given the variety of superbly designed, non-factory components in the market space, the LPK as we know it seems to be of a mindset of early 2000s and, like Democrats, out of touch.  While a typical LPK will contain pins, detents and components that seem to be in a perpetual state of shortage in our parts bin, there are also parts that don't fit our needs and are completely unused.  The idea of an one size fits all LPK is rather ill suited for many experienced AR owners.

As my friend Nate Schultz is fond of saying, no is always an acceptable answer.  What a concept, and we incorporate it into the SLCF.  CLCF omits some parts altogether, and 7 out of  10 configurable options have "Do not include" as an option and default.   The parts we don't include are subject to personal preferences.  As to our preferences, we opt for the customers to have the freedom to choose for themselves, instead of tossing in parts they may never use.

SLCF does not include:
* Safety selector
* Most trigger variations
* Pistol grip

SLCF does include (inclusive in the MSRP, if no additional options are selected):
* Take down and pivot pin detents (x4).  We include 4 of these detents to compensate their propensity to launch into orbit or carpet, never to be seen again, except by the ISS or a vacuum cleaner.
* Take down and pivot pin springs (x2)
* WPA-040 (Pins, Wiley Arms , +0.040) 17-4 PH SS, QPQ treated, 0.040 longer than TDP specs, will not interfere with ambidextrous safety operations

* Bolt catch spring
* Bolt catch plunger
* ABC/R v2 (with options)

* Buffer retainer detent
* Buffer retainer spring

* Trigger guard roll pin

* Non-Ambidextrous magazine catch (non-ambi mag catch will be omitted if EMR-A is selected)
* EMR (Enhanced Magazine Release, milspec through hole)
* Mag catch spring (Forward Controls Design 10.9lb, extra spring rate spring)

* Safety selector spring
* Safety selector detent

Other components are configurable, including the option to opt out.  Among the configurable options are components not normally found in an LPK, such as castle nut, end plate, receiver extension, buffer and buffer spring, and stock.  It is our opinion that everything short of the lower receiver itself is belongs to the LPK category.

SLCF will not be ready till mid to late March of 2018 :)

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