The rise and fall of companies

Posted by Roger Wang on 1/11/2018
Geissele dominates the news cycle and whichever parts segment they participate in, somewhat like LaRue did 10 years ago except Geissele comes on even stronger than LT, with an even more loyal following. Bill is a very friendly and approachable person, without the hubris that might be perceived as condescending and arrogance.  It saddens me to see companies fall from grace, I remember the days with fondness. 

I also remember when I called up Geissele in 2010, and Bill answered the phone. I asked him how we could make our (I was at BAD at the time) selectors more compatible with his DMR trigger, some users were having to modify their selectors or the DMR trigger's tang to fit. He gave me his take and how we might make ours fit better. I haven't spoken to him since,

I'm happy to see Geissele become the industry giant that never forgot its customers base and its root. This is something I used to preach to everyone while a partner at BAD: don't forget where we came from, and who got us here. Bean counters can rarely see the wisdom in this. I ran BAD that way, and I run Forward Controls Design thus.