1815KM (1/2 x28) First Run

1815KM (1/2 x28) First Run

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Shims kit / muzzle device alignment set (1/2x28)
1815KM (Keymo) is a Dead Air sound suppressors mount version of our 1815 flash suppressor.

Precision machined from solid 4140 PH bar stock and black nitrided, it is based on our A2 sized 1815 flash suppressor/compensator.  Its 3 and 9 o'clock ports are angled up at 8 degrees, and smaller than the 12 o'clock port so more gas is vented through the upward facing ports, its flash suppression and compensator performance is superior to that of an A2, thanks to its open ended design.  1815KM is compatible with all Dead Air Silencers .223 sound suppressors.

As on the 6315, there's a wire cutter feature on 1815, the wire cutter notch is located at 6 o'clock, and in conjunction with the 12 o'clock port, can be used to line up and hold the wire. 1815KM is a blended performance muzzle device.  It provides 15 to 20% better muzzle rise compensation than the A2, and what is impressive is that it does so without sacrificing its flash suppression capabilities, or creating more noise and concussion.

The number 18 in its name pays homage to the Armalite AR 18/180,  the shape of its ports draws heavily from the AR18/180's flash suppressor design. 1815KM is a part of Forward Controls' x15 muzzle device series.  Due to the abbreviated length of the prongs, 1815 will not ring or "ping" after each shot.

Optional Precision Armament 1/2x28 Accu-Washer, and PWS shim kits are available.  Recommended torque value: 25 +/-5 ft/lb.

Proudly designed and made in USA.

* Machined in 4140 PH, black nitrided
* Length: 2.38"
* Weight: 3.80oz
* Drilled for pinning


1815KM is incompatible with Pyro with a blast insert, which must be removed for 1815KM to work with a Pyro.

1815KM First Run units are perfectly functional. While Dead Air does not specify the top Keymo slot's position as dead center at 12 o'clock, we want 1815KM's 12 o'clock flash suppressor port to align with the Keymo's top slot, the First Run units are not perfectly aligned. 1815KM must be timed with its 12 o'clock flash suppressor port facing dead center at 12 o'clock, do not time 1815KM off the Keymo top slot.

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