45th for 2020 patch

45th for 2020 patch

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It'll soon be that time again, when we cast our vote for the the POTUS in 2020, this time we choose between prosperity and socialism.  No need to preach to the choir, if you're here, we rather doubt you're still deciding.

For too long, many in the industry sit on the sidelines, even though it is their very livelihood they choose to be silent about.  We loathe to mix politics with business, except the business we're in is often politicized by politicians that seek only power and influence, not the interests of their constituents.   Like it or not, politics have entered the industry, often to its detriment.  Self reliance and self determination are some of the characteristics of a free people, these are at odds with the fundamentals of liberal policies that profess to, but fail abysmally, to do and be all things for all people.

Forget the hype and exaggeration "this is the most important election of our life time", for every election is important, but like all things, it is also cyclical.  We only know that President Trump has righted the ship, and reversed many failed policies of his predecessor.  The left hates him intensely for it, to the point of veering all the way to the left, and communists would probably better describe them, this is a losing strategy to win votes from anyone that's worked hard and done well, and a turn off for many Americans.  Promising free everything only fools so many people.  When buying votes doesn't work, they try to change the rules.

All the same, it'd be unwise to underestimate the opposition.  We will do our little part, and donate the proceeds of the sale of these patches to President Trump's 2020 campaign, as we did with the DEPLORABLE and IRREDEEMABLE patches in 2016.

The Velcro backed patch is 2.75" wide and 0.7" tall, with Multicam background, OD border and black text.

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