6315KM-S, .223 / 5.56mm

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Shims kit / muzzle device alignment set (1/2x28)
6315KM-S, 5.56mm is a short Key Micro muzzle device for Dead Air Silencers 9mm sound suppressors.  At 2.063" long, it's tiny compared to the 6315KM (2.4").  

Like 6315 on which it's based, 6315KM-S 5.56mm has asymmetric ports to optimize muzzle rise compensation without creating obnoxious concussion and noise, its 3 and 9 o'clock ports are slightly smaller and shorter, the design forces more gas to be vented through the 3 upward facing ports.

6315KM-S is a solid candidate for SBRs, and for users that want their carbines as short as possible.  Shortening the flash suppressor/compensator component of the muzzle hasn't unduly impacted its flash suppression and muzzle rise compensator performance.   All of the short muzzle devices share nearly identical performance: 6315RF, 6310RF, 6315XE-S 6315KM-S (both 9mm and 223).

Below is a flash suppression comparison of a 6315RF (same flash suppressor design as 6315XE-S) and an A2.  For more information, please visit this page in our FAQ section: Size doesn't matter, sometimes

Compatible with Dead Air Silencers Keymo and Key Micro 5.56mm sound suppressors.

Length: 2.063". 6315KM-S, 5.56mm can take a 14.5" barrel to over 16" with 0.1" of washers or shims.
Weight: 3.53oz
Material: 4140, heat treated and black nitrided.

Recommended torque: 25 ft lb +/- 5 ft lb.
Do not use a crush washer if this is going to be a suppressor host.

Proudly designed and made in Texas, USA.

We will no longer replace muzzle devices damaged from improper installation.

6315KM has wrench flats for torquing it on the barrel.  Do not use a screwdriver and insert it into one of its ports to torque it.  With 30ft lbs of torque, using a rod or screw driver will cause damage to the muzzle device.
JMW (Joint Muzzle device Wrench) was designed specifically for use on suppressor mounts: https://www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/jmw-joint-muzzle-device-wrench.html

Screw driver not included (but seriously, use a 3/4 wrench, armorer's wrench, or JMW, not a screw driver.)

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