7th Anniversary Bonkers paperweight

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FCD was founded in late 2014, and began operations in early 2015.

In the early days, it was impossible to see where we'd be in 7 years.  Thanks to our friends, customers,dealers, and their word of mouth which fueled the slow but steady organic growth, it does appear we have carved out a small and enviable space in the industry.  To wit, all we ever want is to make a difference to folks that use their firearms as tools for defense and duty,  recognition and any kind of standing in the industry wasn't anything we strove for.  To be sure, recognition and reputation are nice and we'd rather have them than not, but they are just byproducts of us fulfilling our mission.

In 2019, we made some 5th anniversary PF-040 pins.  When the time came around for the 6th anniversary, we were in the midst of moving out of the oppressive, near communist CA to the great state of TX, we skipped the 6th anniversary, and the 6th anniversary Bonkers paperweight became the 7th anniversary item.

Bonkers is the name of the bat wielding duck, an image we've used frequently since mid 2020 on various duck gift shop swag.  Why is he carrying a bat?  Because it's dangerous to go alone and he's the speak softly duck, he was gifted a big stick by the pond.  

The 7th anniversary Bonkers paperweight is billet machined from 17-4 stainless steel, 2.4" wide, 2.54" tall, and weighs in at 2.9 oz, each Bonkers is serialized (200 made), with the Roman numeral VII on his bat.

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