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We usually try to produce something unusual, sometimes goofy items to celebrate our anniversary.  We started celebrating our anniversaries on our 5th year, we skipped the 6th year because we were in the midst of moving from CA to TX.

In late 2014, it was impossible to see where our decision to leave a company we co-founded would lead us.  Our mission has never changed.  While FCD has grown, it hasn't fundamentally changed either.  We're grateful for our friends, customers, and partners that have stayed with us, many of them from the early days in 2015 when we had 3 products.  In 2022, we have close to 4 Excel pages of them.

We have an identity that's uniquely ours.  We don't harbor ambitions to grow to any particular size, or aspirations to be someone we're not.  We want to stay independent and small.  And be happy ducks making things that matter, to the folks that matter.

For our 8th anniversary, we're doing a run of EPCs Cerakoted by our friends at Redacted Concept in some colors we don't offer with production  anodized EPCs: grey, and Redacted Concepts' ODG 6.2, and Super Tactical Taco Light Tan. Do note that all of these are Cerakoted.

Each 8th anniversary is accompanied by a small tag, with FCD's Cygnus logo on one side, and Redacted Concepts' logo on the other.

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