ABC/R v1 key ring

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We went to version 2 of ABC/R in mid 2017, the differences between version 1 and version 2 are all functional, version 2 does away with the lightening cuts, and its upper paddle is thinner, and further tapered to clear thick billet upper receivers. 

For those unfamiliar with our product development and continued product improvement program for existing products, we constantly make improvements to existing products based on user input.  As a result, even the oldest products like EMR, LDFA and ABC/R are on version 2 and 3, and newer products are on version 2 after a year.

ABC/R version 2 is superior in many ways, we didn't wait for version 1 to sell out first, so we pulled all them off the shelves and recall them from our dealers and replaced them with ABC/R v2, so our customers can start receiving and using the new version sooner.

And so they sat in a corner, until one of our friends, K. Ivarra, came up with a brilliant idea and made a key chain of the one he had.  It wasn't enough to simply put it in a key ring, because at this point, ABC/R v1 was still functional.  Another friend Eric Biles painstakingly made them inoperative by removing the portion that's inserted into the lower receiver.  We're grateful for K. Ivarra for coming up with the idea, and Eric for taking so much of his time to make this happen for us.

It's a part of Forward Controls history (all 4 years of it, still), we're glad to be able to re-purpose these ABC/R v1s as a standing example of our principle to always put customers ahead of self interest.

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