ABC/R v2, 7.62mm

ABC/R v2, 7.62mm

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ABC/R has finally made its way to 7.62mm, LR308 pattern ARs.  ABC/R v2 (for either 5.56mm and 7.62mm ARs) has incorporated refinements and lessons learned since the ABC/R (v1, 5.56mm) was introduced in early 2015, it is now stronger, slimmer and has a much more durable coating (black nitride).

ABC/R version 2 consists of the following changes:
Deletion of lightening cuts
10% thinner, and tapered upper paddle to better clear wide billet upper receivers (tapered upper paddle design input from Military Morons)
Bolt catch plunger and spring now included

Please note that though the ABC/R v2's upper paddle is angled and tapered, and we have tested it on upper receivers with a small, oval shaped bolt catch paddle cutout, such as found on DMPS's LR308 upper receiver, the upper corners of ABC/R v2 7.62mm may come in contact with receivers and mar it in two small places inside the cutout.

These are cosmetic only, they don't affect the functionality of the bolt catch.  For receivers with a generous bolt catch paddle cutout, such as Rainier Arms, Mega, F4 Defense, etc. there is ample clearance for ABC/R v2, 7.62mm.

Machined from billet 8620 alloy steel and heat treated with black nitrided finish. The ABC/R v2 is proudly designed and made in the USA.

Starting from June 15, 2018, bolt catch plunger and spring are included.

For more info on the dimpled ABC/R-AA, please follow this link ABC/R-AA

Please note the ABC/R was not designed for use on 9mm receivers that use Colt 9mm magazines which require a Colt 9mm bolt catch.

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