ABC/R v3 key ring

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Part Number:Happy Meal Minus 2 Fries
ABC/R v3 key ring is made of rejected ABC/R v3s, we have a habit of making scrapped parts into key rings, ABC/R v1 key rings were the first.  The last we did was the Super Potato 2000 made from scrapped ACFs.

These ABC/R v3 bolt catches were rejected because they didn't pass testing, the carbon and sulfur homogenization was quite uneven.  Some of them would have failed as bolt catches, but 100% of them will work fine as key rings.

Its SKU (Happy Meal Minus 2 Fries, or couple of fries short of a Happy Meal) is named after the 46th VP KH, we just learned she was put in charge of the idiotic gun control office by the equally hapless 46th.  For once, we think he made a good choice, that's one way to ensure nothing gets done except more word salad.

"I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled. Certain issues are just settled."

There is no better evidence the population is dumber than seeing the dim bulbs they elect to office. Useful idiots elect idiots to lead them, folks incapable of independent thoughts send these muppets to office in hopes of a handout, and in turn, exchange liberty for promised security to the detriment of all.

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