Bolt carrier gas key, AR15/M16

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OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws)
We've been selling Ned Christiansen's OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws), and it only belatedly occurred to us that we should carry the gas key as well.  For more info on OCKS, please visit the OCKS page:, As well as the thread on M4C:

The TDP carrier design has a removable carrier gas key, it can be removed and replaced.  We're big on properly torquing the gas key screws (50 to 58 inch/lbs), and staking the gas key in two places (each screw).  OCKS are a vast improvement to regular gas key screws, and we're glad to see more manufacturers start to adopt it. 

Regarding carrier gas key staking, it shouldn't be controversial.  It's cheap insurance, it's very effective, and doesn't cost a thing to do.  We know many have read the claim published by a BCG manufacturer that carrier gas key staking isn't important.  We disagree with this opinion.  We have BCGs made by this very manufacturer, ours were sourced from dealers who didn't share the optimism either, and properly staked the carrier keys before shipping, this was in early 2000s. 

Carrier key staking is specified in the TM.  I urge our customers to follow established best practices, and assembly methods used by military M4 and M16 manufacturers, as well as duty grade AR makers, your carrier gas key should not only be properly torqued, but also properly staked. 

We're not big on one piece carriers, it negates the ability for the user to replace the gas key in the event the carrier is dropped just the right way, or a blown primer getting jammed in the gas key.

Chrome lined with phosphate finish. Made in the USA.

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