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We love well designed, high quality and precision manufactured tools, but we're not big fans of the typical armorer's wrench.  Of all the functions they are tasked to perform, we usually end up using 3 or 4 of them, which isn't a problem in itself, except the quality and origin of these wrenches can be questionable.  So it is not our intention to create yet another multi-function armorer's wrench.  High quality, US made and dedicated tools for the AR15/M16 system are more in line with our design philosophy, and fit our portfolio much better.

CBW (Combination Barrel nut Wrench) is the second product in FCD's high quality, dedicated tools product line.  CBW has a standard AR15/M16 barrel nut on one end, and a 3/4 wrench for the A2 spec compensator on the other.  CBW is designed to be used with a torque wrench, and has a torque wrench socket in the center.

Beautifully billet machined from 4140 PH and black oxide coated, it is a hefty tool at 7.6oz.  For comparison, the run of the mill armorer's wrench weighs in at 1.8oz, half of it consists of the long handle.  Since CBW is designed to be used with a torque wrench, it does away with the unwieldy handle, which may remove CBW's ability to be dual used as a melee weapon, but it is far more nimble for the tasks it's designed to handle :)  The proper torque value is conveniently engraved on the barrel nut wrench side for easy reference.

Proudly designed and made in the USA.

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