CFF (Chamber Flag, Forward Controls)

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CFF is a part of a thus far unannounced Forward Controls Design product (at this point, it's probably not hard to guess what it is), the design of which is near completion, and should be released by winter of 2018.  We decided to release the CFF ahead of the product of which it's a part, since CFF can be used independently of it.

CFF (Chamber Flag, Forward Controls Design) is a simple and elegantly designed 2.5" fabric embroidered tag with a grommet and key ring, for a chamber flag (open bolt indicator).  Not all open bolt indicators can accept an add-on or custom tag, but if yours can take on a different flag or tag, you might like the CFF.   

In our view, most tags are either too long, or too small.  CFF's size is just right.  Large and visible enough, but no larger than necessary for the range staff to see.  The white text and Cygnus logo is on one side only.

Due to its low cost, free shipping isn't included.  Like Sling Keep A and Sling Keep B, the best way to acquire it is to add it to other items in your order.

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