CRK-A5 (Carbine Receiver extension Kit, Vltor A5)

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Carbine receiver extension
A5 buffer
A5 buffer spring
Carbine end plate/QD sling adapter
Castle Nut
Heavy duty QD sling swivel
RBF Reinforced Buffer retainer, Forward Controls)
Carbine stock
CRK-A5 is a bundle of the superb Vltor A5 systems (A5 spring, receiver extension, and buffer) with components from Forward Controls Design (CNF and ESF).  We have also added a few options that are related to the carbine RE, such as the reinforced buffer retainer, retainer spring (RBF), and carbine stocks.

Those that know us will also know that we're huge fans of the Vltor A5 (and anything Vltor, for that matter). Vltor's A5 system is without a doubt, one of the most beneficial improvements one can make to his AR.  It transforms the short and sharp recoil impulse into a soft and gentle push, akin to that of  an AR with a 20" barrel, rifle length gas system, spring and buffer.  The A5 also makes the AR more reliable, it offsets the violent actions of a carbine gas system, and it is far more tolerant of the sometimes finicky AR  in semi and automatic fire.

Note that due to the shortage of A5 components, CRK-A5 often will not have all RE and buffer options available.

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