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We're a proud (certainly small) sponsor of Cola Warrior.  After I departed from my old gig to started Forward Controls in late 2014, it was one of the organizations we made sure to continue to support.

We donate to a variety of small events and competitions, for we consider it our duty to give back to the community that's given us a reason for being.  Cola Warrior members have supported us in return, which, considering what a small company like ours has given them, is quite humbling.

We know this isn't a quid pro quo (the Clinton Foundation will not understand it), for we don't expect anything, and you guys aren't required to do anything for us, that we both have freely supported each other is what makes CW special to us.

The COLABRO patch is Velcro backed, 2.75" wide and 1" tall, with Multicam background, OD border and black text.  CW members, please use the CW specific code when ordering ;)

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