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Deplorable Patch

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November 8, 2016

We did it!  Forward Controls Design is proud to have contributed, and been a tiny part to Trump's victory.  To us, it has been an awesome experience.  For too long, too many firearms and components manufacturers have sat on the sidelines quietly, lest we attract the ire of politicians and liberals.  It's clear to us that this passivity and, often, what can almost be described as apathy, has done ourselves great disservice.  We can no longer let others fight our battles for us. 

Trump's campaign has been precisely what he said it was, the greatest American comeback.  Read a few days prior to the election, we had to keep a guarded optimism.  On November 8th, it has a different ring. 

We have made four separate donations to the Trump campaign, and are proud to have hopefully made a difference. We will continue to carry these patches for the patriotic souls that voted for Trump/Pence, and want to have the patches as a badge of honor.  Donation to the Trump/Pence campaign is no longer necessary, we will pick this up again for his re-election bid in 2020.

We're humbled by the kind words we have received for making these patches, and supporting MAGA.  To all of you, thank you for making America proud again.

Original product description:
We've always tried to stay out of politics, for it is our part to innovate and produce superior US made firearms components, not to take sides in politics and proselytize,  I believe that being in the firearms business makes it impossible to stay neutral.

Apparently, half of us belong in the basket of deplorables, and of these, some are irredeemable.  Thus have we been labelled by the most corrupt and dishonest presidential contender in recent history.

We are not politically correct, and we are not useful idiots.  Fortunately, we're also not without a self deprecating sense of humor.  If it is our lot to be sneered at and made fun of, I say embrace the basket, and stay deplorable my friends :)

The deplorable patch, or the irredeemable patch (please note which you prefer in the Comments section when checking out) is free with orders of $75 or more (while supplies last), and available for sale.  We will make a donation to a worthy cause and post the receipt here. Alas, these donations will neither get us a cushy position in the government bureaucracy, nor buy us access to anyone important :(

The Velcro backed patch is 2.75" wide and 0.7" tall, with Multicam background, OD border and black text.  IR reflective US flag is not included.

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