FCD 15.5 oz glass

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We're not opening a bar.  With that out of the way, we're not sure why we're in the glassware kick either, we think it either has to do with 71% of earth's surface being covered in water, and a utensil seems to come in handy, or we're taking a break after having finished a slew of product development, and now with most in production.

The 15.5oz glass is perhaps more versatile than the 1.5oz shot glass.  Be it beer, water, milk, or flowers, the glass holds its content in the simple and elegant style for which we're known.  The etched Cygnus logo is tastefully small and somewhat discreet (the logo on our other products is so small and out of the way, you have to look to find it), we're low key, and the glass is no different.

Due to its shape and high cost of shipping alone, we don't offer free shipping on these.  Like Sling Keep A and B, it's probably best to grab one to include in your orders to save on shipping.

Made in USA.

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