FCD Logo

FCD's logo is called Cygnus, a constellation on the Milky Way, Cygnus is a Latinized Greek word for swan https://in-the-sky.org/data/constellation.php?id=32


It is the second and current FCD logo, the first logo was the twin arrows that was in use for a short time.

There were numerous reasons for the logo, the wing of a swan closely resembles a SCAR product we'll unveil in 2019. Also, it's simple and understated, and doesn't indicate what we actually do, unlike the over-used Greek helmet, shields, guns, and other tactical bunnies business.

What it isn't, as my friend Michael at The Victor Company once called it, a duck :)
But call it a duck, goose, or swan, it's our expression of a simple, elegant, and in this case, somewhat abstract representation of Forward Controls.  A simplified version of the Cygnus will begin appearing on some Forward Controls products, like the 4140 ESF (End plate, Sling adapter, Forward Controls) shown below.  Please disregard the tool marks, this 4140 ESF is a prototype release candidate.