FCD Shiny Chachkies

FCD Shiny Chachkies

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EMR Option
17-4 SS, polished ABC/R v2
PF-040 (pivot and take down pins)
As many of you know, our focus has ever been about making a difference to the difference makers.  Forward Controls products are designed and made for law enforcement, war fighters, and folks that use their ARs as tools.  It's long been our contention that rifles that go to war have no time for cosmetics, they're made for work, not for show.

Our products are designed to be dependably simple and robust, often exceeding TDP specs in material and finish, we over build on quality and longevity, but spend precious little time on aesthetics.

Over the years, we've had requests to make some of our products in shiny finishes. With the sole exception of 17-4 SS ABC/R v2,  components with shiny finish are absent on our site.  Shiny FCD components are limited in scope, quantity, and availability.

FCD Shiny Chachkies as a product is available once a year for a short time, it starts with polished 17-4 stainless steel EMR or EMR-C, and can be optioned up from there.

Available options include:
Polished 17-4 stainless steel LDFA (low drag forward assist)
Polished 17-4 stainless steel PF-040 (take down and pivot pins)
Polished 17-4 stainless steel ABC/R v2 (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release)

We have stopped making components in shiny finishes, these are the last available units :)

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