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We don't use the word "tactical" in our company name, or any product name, and we won't use that word here, even if the manufacturer's product description "tactical operators hat" has all of  our favorite buzzwords to poke fun of :)

To us, it's a baseball cap.  It has Velcro patches in front, top and rear of the cap, and adjusted via a Velcro strip on the back.  We do appreciate the absence of the top knot, it gets in the way of over the ear type ear protection, and is generally unnecessary to begin with.

A small and discreet Cygnus logo in embroidered on the front Velcro patch, it is the only Forward Controls logo present on the cap.  We still remember from a not so distant past when we found no fewer than six company name or logo on and inside a company logo hat, one would be hard pressed to find a better illustration for a walking billboard.  So our baseball cap is understated and elegant, our design theme is carried over to to our baseball caps, it's for work, not for show.

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