Firing pin retainer

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The original AR15 was designed to use a solid firing pin retainer.  So far as we know, the simple cotter pin replaced the solid firing pin retainer that was prone to breakage in 1964, with the Colt 604/M16.

The simple cotter pin is much easier to manufacture than the solid pin, which makes it inexpensive, it's also more reliable.  Imagine our surprise when we saw the solid pins made a comeback in the commercial AR world years ago.  In trends, what's old is new again, but trends and fashion should have no place in a defensive and duty AR. Alas, it's far from the only steps in the wrong direction we've seen.

Cotter pin type firing pin retainer can break like any part, even if the breakage is often the result of user action.  Their low cost means users can easily, and should have a few as spares.

Compatible with AR15/M16 BCGs. Parkerized finish.

Made in USA.

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