Forward Controls Design has always focused on function rather than form.  Function over form, and form follows function.  To us, anything less amounts to fashion, different for the sake of being different.  There is no performance difference between a plaid shirt and striped shirt, for they only differ in aesthetics.

It is also our opinion that there is no place for fashion on a defense or duty firearm, looks don't help the user in any way.  There's no shortage of components that can only be described as lifestyle/fashion parts for the AR system, but hobby grade components for hobby guns is appropriate enough.  If you use your AR for duty or defense, TDP spec parts are superior and most likely more reliable to the ones made to pander to hobby users.

One of the areas that immediately makes us question the utility and purpose of fashion parts is excessive lightening cuts or negative space on control surfaces, where maximizing the available surface area is paramount, the removal of which is counterproductive.

The skeletonized pad on this USB flash drive makes it difficult for the thumb to press and move it forward, its lack of surface area and serrations are decidedly unhelpful, just as the skeletonized lower paddle of this bolt catch gives up surface area to its detriment, and makes it more slippery and hard to engage.

We're at a loss as to how making them difficult to use would be considered a good idea, could be the need or desire to be different overrides logic and common sense.  New and different are just that, but not necessarily better.

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