Forward Controls Cygnus Velcro Patch

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Far be it from us to give the notion of "gun life style" any credence, we resisted in marketing a self serving piece of gear that has no real use to the user. 

We are loyal to our customers as they are to us, the Forward Controls Cygnus Velcro patch is a way to show our appreciation with more than words.  The Forward Controls Cygnus Velcro patch is included in every order of $75 or more (while supplies last), and it's also included in orders at our discretion (usually for repeat customers, discussion forum members.)  Please feel free to leave a friendly note in the Comments section of your order, you never know ;)

Since nobody appreciates something that appears to cost nothing, we put a price tag on it, and it is for sale.

Our logo, the Cygnus, is a prominent, and one of the most recognizable constellations in the northern sky.  Its name means "the swan" in Latin.  The Cygnus isn't a randomly selected logo, it's inspired by a long in development, so far unannounced SCAR project that has a part which bears resemblance to the swan's wing.  And since we're all about subtlety and modesty, it looks about as tactical ninja as a pair of pink bunny slippers.  The Forward Controls patch doesn't even have a company name on it (we might have taken discretion a little far.)  Now you know the answer to the question you never asked :)

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