HDSI 12.5" Government Carbine barrel, 5.56mm

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Part Number:Hodge 12.5" Government Carbine barrel, 5.56mm
Note: these barrels have the 0.0645" gas port.  This batch of 12.5" barrels have a slightly oversized gas journal, 0.750 gas blocks will fit but requires some effort.  For those that want a very tight gas block fit on the barrel, these barrels are for you.

We're pleased to offer our friend, Jim Hodge's stripped 12.5" Government Carbine barrel in 5.56mm. 

While some may not "get" Hodge Defense, there's no mystery for us.  Jim's pragmatic and methodical approach to components and weapons design is based on his intimate knowledge and understanding of the weapon's history, its use in the military and law enforcement, as well as his own experience in LE and government service.  Hodge Defense and Forward Controls have more than a few things in common in our design philosophy, the way Jim does things correctly and properly without varnish and fanfare is familiar to us, for it's only way we know how to do anything.

Hodge Defense 12.5" 5.56mm Carbine Barrel is the barrel used on the Hodge AU Mod 2 rifles. Incorporating FN's proprietary steel, these barrels were designed and made to Jim's specifications and optimized for the  M855A1 EPR ammunition, which is far more demanding on barrels.

M855A1 rounds operate at about 62,000 PSI (over 55k from M855) and are designed to perform to an expected standard of terminal performance and barrier penetration over a broader range of engagement distances, previous ammunition was criticized for being unstable and not providing consistent performance outside of a narrow optimal range.

The AU Mod 2 is optimized for running M855A1 EPR, and this barrel is at the heart of the system.

  • Proprietary midweight profile (close to Government profile)
  • Military spec gas port optimized for use with 5.56 NATO spec ammo and suppressors
  • .750" gas block journal, 0.0645" gas port
  • Standard carbine gas system
  • 1/2x28 threaded
  • Chrome lined, phosphate coated
  • 1lb 8.5oz in weight
  • 1:7 twist
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Made in the USA
0.0625 gas port 12.5" barrel used on AU Mod 2 HDSI rifles is optimized for suppressed use and M855A1 EPR, and best used with standard carbine spring and buffer, and standard bolt carrier. 

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