We're kind of known for our myriad of ever changing swag.  We're not a swag company, but we like useful swag, and love sharing it with our friends and customers.  This page is dedicated to our friends and the places our swag has been.  A special thank you for our friends in uniform.

Not ducks related, still funny :)

Also not duck related, still funny :)

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

At the Arena Training Facility, Blakely, GA.



Thank you Tyler :)

On the way to 2020 SHOT, thanks Jim!

2020 SHOT Show at SOLGW booth.

With Scott Chamberlain of SOLGW modeling with our duck :)

With Nick Wantland, our go to guy at Vltor.  Vltor is one of our favorite companies in the industry, and Nick is an awesome dude we're fortunate to call our friend.

Thank you for the pic Tyler :)

Tyler S says:
This duck is out of control, boozing and gambling all week, hes up $40 but hes going to AA when we get back.

We're reasonably sure this is authentic :D

Pro-freedom rally at Utah state capitol

2A rally in Phoenix, AZ

Not a duck, but kind of is a duck...

At SOTAR (School of the American Rifle), thank you Jim!

Kind of duck related :)  CIWS duck


Photo courtesy of Ryan M.

Photo courtesy of KJK

Not a duck, or is it? :)

Midland, TX, photo courtesy of Tyler S.

Tactical Games North Carolina, Sept. 2020.

Photo courtesy of Wyatt L., MD

No power, running water and internet, we picked a great time to move to TX, but we love TX all the same :)  Photo courtesy of Paul S.

Mt. Lemmon


In Japan, courtesy of USMC Capt Alex B.

Somewhere in Iraq.

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Somewhere in CO

Somewhere in TN.

Blue Angeles in Alaska

Tel Aviv, Israel.

USS Iowa museum

Mount Washington

Quackers Mcbluey riding shotgun and keeping Rob company.

Iliamna River

Somewhere in Kansas

Grand Teton

Knob Creek, KY.

Have duck, will patrol :)

St. Lucia

Luis Moya, Durango, Mexico

Another duck escaped the communist CA for the great state of Texas.

Somewhere in Mexico..

El Salvador

Las Vegas, SHOT, 2022

More shenanigans at 2022 SHOT with Kevin (the green duck), thank you Jim Call for taking Kevin around :)

Juno Beach pier

Photo courtesy of Cory S. 

Photos courtesy of Richard W, England.

Alaska, photo courtesy of Tommy C.

Greenwich Observatory.  Photo courtesy of Thomas G.

Photo courtesy of Thomas W., Costa Maya, Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Nhan N., Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia.

Photo courtesy of Mark P., in Stockholm, Sweden.

Saudi Arabia

Photo courtesy of Mark B.

Photo courtesy of Clay G, at CMP range in Talladega for Carry Optics Nationals.

Photo courtesy of Cameron C.

Photo courtesy of David G.

Photo courtesy of Adam P.

Photo courtesy of Todd C.

Washington DC.  Photo courtesy of Adam P.

Courtesy of Kevin E.

Costa Mujeres, photo courtesy of Kevin E.

Photo courtesy of Richard B.

Photo courtesy of Austin H. Darrington, WA.

Curacao.  Photo courtesy of Michael H.