Since its introduction LDFA (Low Drag Forward Assist) has seen no changes, its simple shape (by design) is as perfect today as it was in 2014.

In 2017, we'll be making some changes to the LDFA, almost all of which is under the hood, and almost impossible to detect with naked eyes:

1. Change of material from 17-4 SS to 4140 steel.
2. Change of coating from black oxide to black nitride.
3. Save for the plunger cap (where we deleted the rim), all other parts have been remade to conform to TDP specs and tolerances
4. Deletion of LDFA-Ti from the line up.  We were never much of a fashion/lifestyle company, LDFA-Ti is the last bling product we offer, and it's being put to rest.

LDFA v2 will also see an increase in MSRP, we've kept the original LDFA at the same price for 3 years.  Our cost went up considerably since then :(

LDFA v2 should be ready this winter.  Original 17-4 and Ti LDFAs are almost out of stock, if you want to get one, don't wait too long :)
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