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LMC (Low profile, duty, Magazine Catch) is a non-ambidextrous magazine catch for AR15/M16.

LMC is based on the development of our EMR-A (Enhanced Magazine Release, Ambidextrous), and is centered around making it harder for the user to accidentally, or unintentionally actuate the magazine catch and drop the magazine.

In 2018, we developed the LP (low profile) shaft option for EMR-A, which has become standard on all EMR-A in late 2019.  We also lengthened the EMR-A plate's "ramp" section (the part that engages the magazine's mag catch cutout/indentation).  The LP shaft is designed to lower the installed height of the magazine release button (on the right side) so its top can sit slightly below the fence, while the longer ramp on the plate is designed to lengthen the magazine catch's travel before a magazine is dropped.  Both features are meant to mitigate accidental/unintentional magazine drops.

The "ramp" of the plate length is only 0.05", a magazine catch only needs to travel over 0.05" before a magazine is dropped.  TDP spec M16 lower receivers, and semi auto AR15 forged receivers based on TDP dimensions have a magazine release fence to prevent accidental/unintentional magazine drops.  With a TDP spec magazine shaft and magazine release button, the top of the button is usually flush with the fence, we prefer the top of the button be lower than the fence.  LPD plate's ramp is longer than 0.05

 LPD shaft is slightly shorter (one full turn of the mag catch), when a TDP spec magazine release button is fully and correctly installed (9 revolutions of the mag catch), the top of the mag release button is slightly below the fence.

With that in mind, we will again stress we do not recommend blind hole magazine release buttons for defense and duty 223 AR15s and M16s, or any extended magazine release with even taller profile and over the fence protrusion.  LMC is designed to work with TDP spec magazine release buttons (through hole), and not made to address the flaws of other products.  We've always had warning language for our blind hole magazine release button (EMR-C), EMR-C is perfect for thicker 308 lowers, but has a 0.08 protrusion over the magazine release fence.  We eventually moved EMR-C to the 308 AR section to discourage customers from buying and using them on 223 ARs.

For more of our thoughts on accidental/unintentional mag drops, and their relation with magazine release buttons, please follow this links:

LMC is a non-ambidextrous magazine catch that incorporates these features.  Billet machined in 4140 and black nitrided, LMC has little to no external visual cues, not company name and logo.  Like all of our products, LMC is made for work, not for show.

LMC is shipped with a 10.9 inch/lb magazine catch spring.  The 10.9in/lb magazine catch spring was first introduced in 2017, we had stiffer springs custom made for our EMR-A (ambidextrous magazine catch).  The 10.9 in/lb spring's role is to offset the mechanical advantage afforded by EMR-A's lever, it also has the direct result of making the right side magazine release button harder to press, which we view as a positive.  For more info on the 10.9in/lb magazine catch springs, please visit this page: https://www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/109lbin-Mag-Catch-Springs_p_79.html

Proudly designed and made in the USA.

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