Mayhew 5/32x4 1/2 punch

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Since we're big proponents of torquing and staking castle nuts to ensure their immobility, not only have we designed a castle nut (CNF, or Castle Nut FCD) to make staking more secure, but also a dedicated castle nut wrench (JCW, or Joint Castle nut Wrench), it only makes sense we should offer the proper tool to stake it.

Please visit this link for our thoughts on castle nut staking:
We also dedicate a page to those that have expertly staked their castle nuts:

Derek Fightmaster at Ammozone has produced a superb video that aptly demonstrate the way to stake a castle nut:

Of the suitable punches, we opted to carry the Mayhew 5/32 x 4 1/2 punch, which happens to be the punch of choice of the late Will Larson (Semper Paratus Arms).  In a way, it's one of our ways of carrying on a bit of his legacy.

Item Description: 5/32pt OAL=4-1/2?
Weight: 0.09
Width: 2.000
Length: 4.500
Height: 1.000
Cut Width or Point Size: 0.156
Taper Length: 0.000
Country of Origin: US
Rockwell: 55 – 57

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