Please stake your castle nut!

Posted by Roger Wang on 11/13/2018 to News
TDP castle nut has three staking notches, equally spaced, of 0.084 width +0.02/-0.00 tolerance, at 45 degree angle. There's no debate as to what these notches are for, castle nuts should be properly torqued (38-42 ft/lb), and staked in two places.  Despite experience and lessons learned from LE armorers and users, some still do not believe it's necessary to stake the castle nut.

Bigger isn't always better

Posted by Roger Wang on 10/10/2018 to News
We're of the belief not everything can be made better by being larger, taller or longer.  We have certainly made the case and aptly demonstrated this with several of Forward Controls designed products, such as LDFA, EMR, and ABC/R.  In key areas, these products have reduced footprint to mitigate interference.

Compatibility with 3rd party components

Posted by Roger Wang on 8/14/2017 to News
From the very beginning, we're aware the EMR-A would be incompatible with battery assist device (Magpul BAD) levers.  While these devices do facilitate locking and releasing of the bolt, they can cause problems on some setups.  We don't know if there was ever a study/test to discover the right combination of receivers and parts for BAD type levers to cause a failure, but it's beyond the scope of our work, as we don't use, make, or carry any variant.


Posted by Roger Wang on 7/14/2017 to News
In 2017, we'll be making some changes to the LDFA, almost all of which is under the hood, and almost impossible to detect with naked eyes

ABC/R v2

Posted by Roger Wang on 4/6/2017 to News
ABC/R v2 is a PIP (product improvement program), we'd like to thank military moron for his invaluable input on v2's changes.

ABC/R v2 does away with lightening cuts, but the weight saving has been retained by reducing the thickness of the upper paddle, and tapering it to be more compatible with wide receivers, the weight difference between the original and v2 is 0.001oz.

6315 Comp / Flash Supressor Test

Posted by Roger Wang on 2/27/2017 to News

Attention to Detail, ABC/R

Posted by Roger Wang on 10/15/2015 to News
Attention to detail is our forte