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Part Number:OPF-G, ACRO
ATTENTION, Steiner MPS users: MPS's recoil lug underneath the sight may vary in width and be slightly wider than that of the ACRO.  Should this be the case, firmly push the MPS on the plate, or gently tap on the sight until the MPS fully seats.

OPF-G, ACRO is only guaranteed to work with Aimpoint ACRO P1 and P2, and Steiner's MPS.  We have not tested it with the cheap Chicom sights under different guises from various companies that also use the ACRO footprint.  We neither endorse, nor support their use on OPF-G, ACRO.

OPF-G, ACRO will only fit Glock MOS slides.

OPF-G, ACRO (Optics Platform, Glock, for RMR) is a Glock MOS Adapter Set 01 compatible plate for mounting Aimpoint's ACRO P1 and P2 on Glock Gen 4 and Gen 5 slides, G17, G19, G20, G45, G47, G34, G35, G41 (width 25mm/1 inch.), and G40.

We like the Glock MOS concept, even if we find the factory MOS adapter plates could use some help.  Standards, commonality, availability of parts are all good things.  Heretofore, users have had to send in their slides to be milled to accept mini red dot sights, or opt for 3rd party optics ready slides.  The time it takes to send in the slides to be milled, and varying quality of the milling work and optics ready slides notwithstanding, there was a lack a standard regarding the sight height, it'd be a coincidence if two slides milled by two different shops share the same sight height.   Glock's MOS may not sit as low as some, but in our opinion, what MOS offers more than makes up for it, namely a uniform sight height, ease of installation, parts commonality and availability.

OPF-G, ACRO is identical to the Tangodown AAM-01.  Based on the success of the OPF-G, RMR, we had been asked to develop a Glock MOS compatible plate for the superb Aimpoint ACRO.  We saw and tested what our friends at Tangodown has already made, and determined AAM-01 is exactly how we would have done it and there was nothing we could have done better, there is therefore no reason to create another one just like it under our name.  We don't like rebranding, but do make exceptions when the products in question are outstanding, and we share the same values as the companies that make them.  We've known Tangodown and its folks for a long time, we carry Tangodown products, and are proud to be able to put our logo on the AAM-01 and make it OPF-G, ACRO.

OPF-G, ACRO is machined in 4140 steel and Melonite coated.  For a short time, OPF-G, ACRO will have both our Cygnus logo, and Tangodown's logo in tandem.

Proudly designed and made in the USA.

Torque value for plate to slide: 13 in·lb.
Torque value for ACRO P1/P2 mounting screw: 26 in·lb.

Vibra-tite VC-3 is included with OPF-G, ACRO.  Instructions can be found here: https://www.vibra-tite.com/wp-content/uploads/213_tds.pdf
Vibra-tite also provides a video on the application of VC-3: https://www.vibra-tite.com/portfolio-items/vc-3-threadmate-overview-video/

For good printable 8x11"  RMR targets (1MOA dot, 2MOA dot, 6.5MOA dot at 100 yard, 50 yard, 25 yard, and 15 yard), please follow this link: https://www.barelytactical.org/targets/

We will soon stop including the L keys with all OPF products, L keys will become optional, we strongly suggest a proper torque wrench to impart the correct torque value.

For individual officer or LE agency level discount, please contact us.
5 Stars
Awesome mount
I bought this plate direct from TD. Awesome fit and finish, great tolerances. Initially had a set of Ameriglo XL height sights that provided a usable, but minimal sight picture. Replaced them with the Heinie Optic height sights and love them. Like they were made for the Acro. One note, the mounting screws came with some pre-applied vibratite, and I dont believe it was enough. The plate came loose within the first 500 rounds. I applied blue loctite and remounted, and has been solid since, about another 2500 rounds.
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Reviewed by:  from FL. on 6/28/2020
5 Stars
Excellent Product
Fitment and finish are excellent with no tooling marks anywhere. I’m only approximately 2,500 in on this MOS pistol/optic combination, but thus far no shift in zero or other indicators that things have loosened up.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Freeport, FL. on 1/6/2022
5 Stars
Great plate, screws don't fit a Maxim9
Good fit and finish, accepts my Steiner MPS with no issues. Just wanted to add this because I have a Maxim9 (which takes MOS plates) and since SIlencerCo doesn't make an ACRO plate I bought this one from another retailer. The screws provided are for a Glock, and I'm sure they work, but the Maxim requires the screw to go through the aluminum suppressor main body before hitting threads, I had to source M3x.5 screws and trim them down to ~6mm (they were 10mm to start and I took a few threads off, I forgot to measure them properly before I installed them but they were .250" which is exactly 6.3mm. I didn't have metric equipment on hand). So if you have a Maxim9 and want to run an ACRO, this plate most certainly works but the screws need to be sourced as well. That's not a knock against the plate imo because it's only made for the Glock MOS, not guns that mimic the MOS.
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Reviewed by:  from virginia. on 2/4/2023
5 Stars
ACRO Plate
This is the second plate I have purchased from Forward Controls. Awesome plate and excellent fit on both plates. I ordered the wrong plate by mistake and they corrected the issue quickly even though it was 100% my fault. They were very patient with me. Will be back for more.
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Reviewed by:  from NY. on 5/28/2022
5 Stars
Thousands of rounds through this plate on my Glock 45 through two MPS's and now one ACRO P2. No zero shifts, plate is a press fit into the gun, and screws have never loosened. I recommend it to anyone.
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 1/24/2023

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