OPF-G43x/48, RMRcc

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NOTE: OPF-G43x/48, RMRcc is designed for and only compatible with GLOCK G43x and 48, and Trijicon's RMRcc.  It will not work with other GLOCK models, and other red dot sights.  

For law enforcement and users that require backup sights, Ameriglo GL-527 (front sight height 0.450", rear sight height 0.554") will be needed for lower 1/3 co-witness.

OPG-G43X/48, RMRcc can work with the Springfield Armory Hellcat, the plate needs to be slightly tapped into place, it may have an almost imperceptible 0.001" gap between the plate and slide.  Plate to slide screws also work with the Hellcat.  For Hellcat, we'd still recommend the Trijicon RMRcc plate.

OPF-G43x/48, RMRcc (Optics Platform, Forward Controls, G43x/48, RMRcc) is the latest member of the OPF line.  G43x and 48 MOS slides are designed for direct mounting of the Shield RMSc sight.  Trijicon's RMRcc is longer, and requires an adapter plate which also necessarily raises the mounting surface in order to mount an RMRcc.

RMRcc has its own footprint.  Gone are the two lug holes in front, these are replaced by two larger diameter threaded posts (bosses) through which the sight to mount/plate screws are installed.  The sight to mount/plate screws are also significantly strengthened, though with the OPF-G, RMRcc design that holds the sight immobile on the plate, the larger diameter and stronger screws aren't as important, we always welcome screws that are less likely to strip.

With the OPF-G43x/48, RMRcc, we didn't merely raise the mounting surface to provide a platform for the RMRcc.  As RMRcc is longer than the G43X/48 MOS cut, the sight overhangs on the slide.  When installed, the bottom of RMRcc (with Trijicon provided sealing plate installed) is almost flush with the top of the slide so the sight is as low as possible.  We positioned the RMRcc towards the center of the plate as much as feasible, this is done to reduce the amount of unsupported overhang on the RMRcc's sealing plate in front.  RMRcc has a rubber gasket around its battery compartment to keep water and moisture at bay, which pushes the sealing plate downward.  This isn't an issue if the plate is of the same length as the RMRcc, but with an overhang, it creates a slight gap between the gasket and the sealing plate.  OPF-G43x/48, RMRcc's design eliminates the gap/opening between the sight and sealer plate, to the point of emulating a plate that's as long as the sight itself.  To wit, if the plate is as long as the RMRcc, it will make the installed height of RMRcc even taller, which is the very reason we chose to let the sight overhang.

Front over hang.  We did not want the sealer plate, and the sight to make contact with the top of the slide, the sealing plate to top of the slide gap is around 0.005.  There isn't any gap between the RMRcc and the sealer plate.

Rear overhang.

OPF-G, RMRcc ships with a T10 wrench, T20 wrench, 2 plate to slide screws (M4-0.7mmx8mm), 2 sight to plate screws (T10 5-40 x 1/4 ), and a packet of VC-3.  The RMRcc mounting screws that ship with the RMRcc can also be used with OPF-G, RMRcc.

We don't care for the lightweight mafia and lightening cuts designed solely for show.  A decorated tool is a waste of energy and time.

OPF-G43X/48, RMRcc has a huge lightening cut, but it's invisible when the plate is installed and in use.  The 43X RMRcc plate is lighter than our RMR plate as a result.  There's a vast (relatively speaking) area under the plate that doesn't do anything except taking up weight, so it's removed.

A torque wrench is required to properly torque the plate to slide, and sight to plate screws.
Trijicon RMRcc is supplied with a sealer plate, it is required for OPF-G43X/48, RMRcc installation.

Torque value:
Plate to slide: 12 to15 in·lbs.
Sight to plate: 18 in·lbs..

Weight: 0.75oz
Material: 1018 steel, black nitrided

Vibra-tite VC-3 is included with OPF-G, RMRcc.  Instructions can be found here: https://www.vibra-tite.com/wp-content/uploads/213_tds.pdf
Vibra-tite also provides a video on the application of VC-3: https://www.vibra-tite.com/portfolio-items/vc-3-threadmate-overview-video/

Includes Patented ZEV Technologies Optic Cut for use with Trijicon RMR®cc

Tenior's G43X and 48 holsters are compatible with the G43X and 48 with the OPF-G43X/48, RMRcc, and Ameriglo GL-527 (0.45 front sight) and GL-526 (0.434 front sight) https://tenicor.com/collections/velo-for-glock/products/velo4-aiwb-holster-for-glock

TXC Holsters X1 also works very well: https://txcholsters.com/collections/holsters

For lower 1/3 co-witness, we recommend sight sets with 0.450" front, and 0.544" rear.  Ameriglo's GL-527, does this beautifully.  We have collaborated with the wonderful folks at Ameriglo, and they have produced a version of GL-527 for us: BIS, G43X/48 https://www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/buis-g43x48.html BUIS, 43x/48 is available with or without a front tritium dot.

We will soon stop including the L keys with all OPF products, L keys will become optional, we strongly suggest a proper torque wrench to impart the correct torque value.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including metallic nickel, chromium and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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