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Part Number:OPF-P320, RMR
Machined in 4140 steel and melonite coated, OPF-P320, RMR, is a new member of our OPF (Optics Platform, Forward Controls) line.  We again eschew aluminum for this application, and continue to use steel as other OPF plates, we prefer steel plates for steel screws.  4140 steel costs more and takes longer to machine, we use it extensively on other products.  We do not deem light weight to be of particular use in this application, but consider reliability and durability far more useful and important qualities.

OPF-P320, RMR is a drop in adapter for superb Trijicon RMR sights.  

OPF-P320, RMR is shipped with two 4-40x3/16 Allen screws (plate to slide), a 3/32 Allen key, two T10 5-32x3/8 screws (sight to plate) and a packet of VC-3.

Torque values:
Plate to slide: 6 in·lb
Sight to plate: 9 in·lb

Billet machined in 4140, Melonite coated.

OPF-P320, RMR is a Forward Controls Design and Tangodown collaboration. Proudly designed and made in the USA.

OPF-P320, RMR, was designed and made for Trijicon's RMR, though Holosun 507c, 508T and 509T (with the adapter plate it comes with) also work on it, we do not guarantee fit and function for these sights on OPF-P320, RMR.

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