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Now that the lock down is finally coming to an end, or at least becoming less restrictive and draconian in many states, we can soon look back at the bleak times in the last two month and hopefully breathe a sigh of relief.  Far be it from us to make light of the pandemic that brought death to 66,680 (May 11, 2020) and misery to many in the US, it is no laughing matter.

That said, it is human nature to find humor even in our darkest hours.  The Quarantine Quack is a reminder of what we went through in one of the scariest moment of our life time.  Family got to spend more time together, friendship and bonds became stronger.  Our hair got longer, and we walked around the house in PJ all day long, all week, there is a bit of silver lining in this.

We hope all of you and your loved ones have weathered the storm and emerged better and stronger.

God bless America.

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