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Custom length modification (13.7" RHF only) by Cy Sensenbach help
RHF (Railed Handguard, Forward Controls) is based on the superb CMT UHPR Mod2, with full length 1913 rails at 12 o'clock, and MLOK at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock.

RHF is machined from 6000 series extruded aluminum, its barrel nut is machined from 7075 aluminum, both are Type 3 anodized, while the rail mounting hardware is machined from 17-4 PH (patent pending).  RHF also incorporates anti-rotation tabs.

RHF's inside diameter is 1.315" and compatible with most low profile gas blocks.  Barrel nut diameter is 1.378", barrel nut wrench is included.

RHF incorporates design input from Forward Controls, the changes include:
1. Omission of QD swivel attachment points.  Location of the front sling attachment is left to individual users, an MSQ-H (MLOK Sling mount, QD, Heavy) is included.
2. Barrel cooling vents changed to the classic round shape.  One might say we're paying homage to Knight's Armament's RAS and RIS where meaningful modular revolution began.
3. Simplification of the already understated aesthetics of the CMT UHPR Mod 2 handguard.

Available in 15", 13.7", 11.5",  9.5", and 6.7".

Weight of each length as follows (total weight, including mounting bracket and bolts):

6.7", 6.5oz
9.5", 8.54 oz (new design sans slots below the top 1913 rails)
11.5", 9.64oz (new design sans slots below the top 1913 rails)
13.7", 10.2oz
15", 10.9oz

Barrel nut torque: milspec 40-70ft/lbs
Rail clamp screws torque: 45 inc/lbs.

Re: customized RHF lengths, it is performed by our friend Cy Sensenbach.  If you'd like more detail on this service but are not familiar with the process and details, please contact us first at 310-428-9453, or roger@forwardcontrolsdesign.com.  There are many hand guard lengths in demand, for logistical reasons, we can't produce them all.  A customized RHF gives the user the ability to tailor the length however he wishes, at minimum cost.  The $25 charge covers shipping and not much else, the customization cost is absorbed by us.

If the customization option is checked, we will contact you and give you Cy's contact info so you can work out the details :)

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