RMRcc to plate mounting screws

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Part Number:RMRcc to plate mounting screws
For Trijicon RMRcc only.  Will not work with RMR, SRO, or any Holosun sights.

Trijcon's RMRcc comes with a pair of  5-40 x 1/4 screws.  As with RMR, RMRcc does require the sight to be removed from the plate or mount to replace its battery.  If you lost your, or simply want spares, these are the same spec of screws that ship with RMRcc.  We have to special order them, as we prefer Torx drive over Allen, US made 5-40 x 1/4 socket cap screws with Torx are rather difficult to find. 

Shipped with 2 screws with a small packet (sufficient for multiple applications if sealed properly). 

RMRcc Sight to plate torque value: 18 in/lb

VC-3 Instructions can be found here: https://www.vibra-tite.com/wp-content/uploads/213_tds.pdf
Vibra-tite also provides a video on the application of VC-3: https://www.vibra-tite.com/portfolio-items/vc-3-threadmate-overview-video/

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