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Part Number:SCP (SOTAR Cam Pin)
SCP (SOTAR Cam Pin) is a collaboration between Chad Albrecht of School of American Rifle) and Forward Controls Design.

SCP features a machined dimple on one side of the carrier cam pin, so the user can always reinstall the cam pin on the carrier in the same orientation.  In so doing, it reduces wear cam pin itself as well as on the cam pin bore on the bolt.   Chad Albrecht is a well respected armorer and instructor, we saw what he has done on a few cam pins, and it piqued our interest.   SCP is one of these "why didn't I think of it" moments for us, eminently simple and elegant,  it's very much in line with our own design philosophy.

SCP is based on the TDP spec cam pin, dimpled on one side, and NP3 coated.  Indeed, SCP is incorporated into the SBCG, starting from December, 2019 production units.  Manganese phosphate SCP will be available in early 2020.

We encourage you to visit the School of American Rifle page for more info on Chad Albrecht and SOTAR :

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