The pond has a few saints and heroes.  Here they are:

Patron Saint of Ducks, Randy Grossman.  Known for his hatred for tacos, or anything resembling a taco.  Until we have another mod, he's the most beloved mod in the pond

Patron Saint of Photoshop, Saint Cy.  Saint Cy is responsible for most of the saints artwork, he's also known as the chop boss, for cutting perfectly good railed hand guards for people that don't like perfectly good hand guards.

Patron Saint of Gauges, Saint Chad.  Chad Albrect of SOTAR (School of the American Rifle).  Chad Albrecht's SOTAR videos are popular and educational.  Chad's a classically trained gunsmith with lots of experience in ARs.  Easily one of the highly regarded AR gunsmiths and instructors in recent times, we've learned quite a few things from him. We have also collaborated with Chad on a few projects, the first of which is the SCP (SOTAR Cam pin)  If you get a chance, check out SOTAR

Saint Dallas, Saint of Grease.  Dallas is the owner/operator of Cherry Balmz, one of the best firearms lubrication makers.  Think Chad Albrecht equivalent in firearms lubrication, that's Dallas. Check out Cherry Balmz and try one, it'll change the way you use firearms lubrication

Saint Chad and a Saint Randy prayer card.  Saint Randy wasn't there in the class, but his presence was felt in the class of late Feb, 2020. This very card was viewed 5.4 million times (don't ask us how we counted, we'll give you a Bernie Sanders worthy non-answer when asked how he'd pay for all the free stuff) during SHOT, 2020, when it was displayed at SOLGW's booth almost the entire time.

SHOT, 2020

Thor of the pond, Paul.  For his beautiful staking work on the ESF-H (End Plate, Sling Adapter, Heavy)

Hulk of the pond, Brad, for shearing a Vltor RE-A5 with a torque wrench.

Saint of Tacos.  When he's not doing mind numbing lawyer speak such as "The disc, the O-ring, and the threaded sleeve are configured to engage the aforementioned adjustment post, and the adjustment cap assembly threadably attaches to the adjustment post where the disc abuts the adjustment screw", he likes to make tacos. And post pictures of them all over the Internet.  That beautifully formed but almost unreadable paragraph for anyone that's not an attorney is actually from our utility patent, but you get the idea. 

Charles, the Patron Saint of Giving, or Duck Santa,
So canonized for his selflessness & gracious giving like Secret Saint Nicholas himself

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