We like to simplify our design as much as possible, we believe less is more, but sometimes, more is just more, and better.  As with most things in life, both statements require qualification, as neither is universally true, all the time.

In 6310 (our 5/8x24 flash suppressor/comp) design, development and subsequent testing, we found we could shorten a flash suppressor (to a point) without adversely affect its flash suppression performance.  The A2 sized 6310 did as well in flash suppression as the longer "A2" Armalite AR10B flash suppressor.

In 2022, we developed and produced 6315RF and 6310RF (0.900 x 24 taper mount, suppressor adapter.)  Due to sound suppressor compatibility requirements (some sound suppressors leave very little room for their mounts/muzzle devices), 6315RF and 6310RF flash suppressor portion was reduced to 0.80", from 6315's 1.025".

Testing results between 6315RF and 6315 showed the flash suppression difference is negligible to nil.  We have taken pictures during the testing phase of 6315RF and 6310RF, thanks to the wonderful folks at ReloadingAllDay.Com, we have now have better pictures to illustrate the results.

From the pictures, it would appear 6315RF, despite of being shorter, has a slight edge over the TDP spec A2 flash suppressor/comp with certain ammunition, since it's inconsistently so, we are comfortable in stating the flash suppression performance is nearly equal to that of the TDP A2 flash suppressor/comp.

As to how short we can push the envelope, we have no plans to develop a flash suppressor shorter than 6315RF.  6315KM-S (in 5.56mm and 9mm), 6315XE-S (Xeno) all have the same flash suppression performance as 6315RF.

To be sure, some flash suppressors need to be longer to perform their best.  If we developed a flash suppress that can suppress flash signature better than the versatile, closed bottom A2, 6315, 6315RF, 6315KM, 6315XE, etc., we would design an open ended, 3 or 4 prong flash suppressor that will necessarily be longer.  We've consistently chosen the A2 form factor for its jack of all trades versatility, also flash suppressors that almost completely eliminate flash signature already exist from Surefire, BE Meyers/JP, AAC, and a few others, we don't intend to reinvent the wheel, we're happy with our choice in the A2 design.
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