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A good sling is an essential part of a fighting rifle.  When the sling is not in use, it shifts and stirs with the rifle, and generally gets in the way. A piece of bicycle inner tube or rubber band slipped over the receiver extension or stock is a field expedient and free solution, though they do lack finesse and durability.

Sling Keep B is a variation of the original Sling Keep (version A that uses a 1/8" shock cord) with additional capabilities. 

Sling Keep B uses a 1" wide Nylon elastic, and a Ladderloc for quick adjustment.  The additional width enables Sling Keep B to hold chem lights, tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet is available here as a bundle in a drop down menu), or bandages on the stock.  As the 1" Nylon elastic webbing provides more elastic tension, a pull tab is integrated on Sling Keep B to help pull the elastic webbing clear the stock while the sling, chem light, tourniquet or bandages are being tucked in. 

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS KEEP SLING KEEP UNDER TENSION.  A loose Sling Keep will unnecessarily move about.

Unlike rubber bands, Sling Keep B is tension adjustable by way of the ITW Nexus Ladderloc.  When placed on the stock, the  flat 1" wide nylon elastic webbing allows the charging handle to ride over it, and does not interfere with the charging handle's operation.  Also unlike rubber bands that can deteriorate rapidly and break (unless they're UV resistant) the 1" Nylon elastic  is far more durable.  And it doesn't smell :)

Due to its low cost, free shipping isn't included (shipping cost exceeds Sling Keep B's MSRP.)  The best way to acquire it is to add it to other items in your order.

Available in coyote brown, black, Ranger Green, Multicam, grey, and black Multicam.

Made in USA.

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