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Snake Oil is painstaking made from the finest quality snakes (not to mention hard to find, since we're by the beach).  We select them by intelligence, appearance, and attitude.  The spelling bee segment of the competition is especially fierce, most of them didn't do well.  Ssss seems to be the only thing any of them can spell, it's not even a word.  Some of them just rattle rattle.

Snake Oil is a weapons grade lube made specifically for AR15/M16 family of firearms, and a collaboration between CherryBalmz and Forward Controls Design.  Snake Oil's bottle is reusable, and so is the horse hair bristle brush with aluminum handle that comes with it.

Snake Oil is optimized for center fire rifles and handguns.  Snake Oil is a lightweight grease with a consistency of about an NLGI #0, which is roughly the consistency of a mayonnaise, only creamy and stringy - excellent for application and staying put in unsealed, sliding systems.

What you get out of a bottle of this grease is roughly 30,000 rounds of shooting, with unmatched reliability - the little bottle will cover about $15,000 in shooting. It is extremely efficient.

One application provides 5-10x more shooting over any gun oil, in the harshest environments - a gun which may normally start experiencing malfunctions at 300-400 rounds commonly gets 4000+ rounds without a single friction-related malfunction with our lubricants. Until someone experiences this, it's genuinely hard for them to internalize just how much more reliable their guns can be. And should be.

The difference is especially stark with finicky guns - as long as ammo and magazines are good, we find that about 95% of malfunctions are friction related, and nothing lowers friction in a gun better than our lubricants. You will notice an instant and substantial reliability enhancement - this is especially appreciated by shooters of tight, highly accurate 1911s, and guns of a rougher make.  

As a grease, our Snake Oil stays wet and stay put. If you lube your firearm with Snake Oil, you can come back a year later and find it right where you applied it, as wet as the day you put it there on the friction surfaces. These same properties keep it in place over the course of firing cases of rounds of ammo.

Net weight:
Small: 0.25 oz
Small: 0.5 oz 
Large: 1 oz 

An in depth interview with Dallas Frohrib of Cherry Balmz provides a great deal of info on Black Rifle Balm, on which our Snake Oil is based:

From late 2021, there's a larger size bottle with twice the volume (0.5oz of the original vs. 1oz of the new thicc size) but without twice the cost.  We should run for office.

Snake Oil is a firearms lubricant, use only as directed.  Do not lube your pet snake, snakes don't need or want to be lubed.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not ingest, not for internal use.
Keep away from eyes.

Material safety data sheet can be found here:

5 Stars
This lube is some of the best if not THE best on the market. It stays in place and continues to stay lubed even after thousands of suppressed rounds fired. Don't mind the above review, this product was named after his moronic comment about the company as a whole, and he's just salty about it.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 2/22/2020
5 Stars
Stay wet
Upon first application, felt like I had a different rifle. Lubrication eliminated all of the light scraping sound you typically hear when charging the rifle. It literally feels like my carrier is slipping around on a fluid surface. Not ghey, pretty awesome.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 3/3/2020
3 Stars
As the OG snake oil guy, I’m disconcerted that I haven’t been offered royalties for the sale of this product. Or at least given a free bottle lol. ??
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Polk LA. on 7/18/2019
5 Stars
Really great stuff that lasts a long time
I was a user of the Cherry Balmz Black Rifle Balm. Once i found out that the snake oil was an improvement on black rifle balm i had to get some. This stuff is hands down the best lightweight grease on the market which is what you want for an AR/Pistol. Stuff is very easy to apply, stays put, makes your gun more reliable than ever, and lasts a very long time as advertised. Highly recommend! Update: The Snake Oil finally got wiped off of my guns as i have used the same coat since beginning of November last year. Over the past five months it’s provided me superb reliability and stayed in place, didn’t dissipate, and kept all my guns slick. The first application of the snake oil definitely could’ve lasted more probably another 5+months TBH. I will definitely continue to use the SGSO.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Great Falls, MT. on 12/4/2021
5 Stars
Great stuff. Stays where you put it no matter how dirty. Also a lovely color. Get the big jar, the small sample size jar is annoying to work with, plus you’ll want more when it’s gone. Also works well with fleshlights, or so I’ve heard….
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Reviewed by:  from Saint Petersburg. on 2/25/2023
5 Stars
Do it!
3k+ rounds suppressed out of a 14.5 suppressed AR shooting 5.56 77gr mark 262-mod1c Black Hills Ammo- no issues, failures, and little to no gritty /scraping sounds when charging. Use it on my other half dozen semi auto rifles with no issues shooting inferior ammo with similar results. I'll buy another bottle of the snake oil when I run out years from now, haha (I bought my first bottle maybe 6 months ago?) Just buy it!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from UT. on 3/29/2021
5 Stars
bomb oil
this is the first oil I have used and I am a big fan of it's lasting abilities
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mizzou. on 5/18/2022
5 Stars
Best Lube Ever
I read the description of Snake Oil and decided to give it a try. Now I use it on all my AR bolts and on the high friction areas of my Glocks. When they say it stays where you put it, they mean it. Tested it on a heavy training day and never had to re-lube my bolt. Shot around 800 rounds fully suppressed and Snake Oil performed flawlessly. I’m getting the new large size now!!
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Reviewed by:  from McKinney Texas. on 1/16/2022
5 Stars
Amazing product & Fast shipping
This firearm lubricant surpasses everything I have ever encountered. The shipping was extremely fast and I experienced excellent customer service. I will be purchasing more for friends, family, and myself.
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Reviewed by:  from Bryant. on 1/5/2021

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