Super Randy (Super Taco) Magazine Sock

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Do magazines need socks?  We don't know, but if ours wore socks, they'd have tacos on them.  Note: chihuahua and taco pattern is out of stock :(

A sock for the magazine, this is the silliest thing we've ever made, but we'd be the first to tell you it's not serious but for fun (this statement seems rather unnecessary, but we digress.)  Even with this super tactically useless magazine sock, our "everything with a purpose" design philosophy still applies. It's meant to be useless but fun, and it is.

As it turns out, we're pretty good at goofing off too.

We know you have questions. Who's Randy?  Why does he hate tacos?  Why do magazines need socks?  Does Joe Biden know where he is?  As soon as we figure out how how Bernie Sanders is worth $3 million, having been in government service his entire adult life, we'll be happy to share these answers with everyone.

Cold water wash only. Proudly hand made in the USA. 


When the quarantine and "safer at home" business is over, we might look back at some of the things we did with a smile, the Super Randy Magazine Sock will certainly be one of them.  We did something silly and fun in the doom and gloom in early March, the world seemed like it needed some cheering, Super Randy Magazine Sock delivered.

We'd say we did this out of boredom, but we were anything but bored, the firearms industry was one of those that saw tremendous growth, however temporary, while much of the nation's economy shuttered.  We'd much rather for things stayed the same as they were, i.e. business as usual, sans the virus, for it has wrought hardship, sorrow, and death on fellow Americans, the consequences of which would be difficult to measure for a long time to come.  But this too, shall pass.  Americans have always overcome, and this will be no different.  

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