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In 2015 when we had 3 products (EMR, ABC/R and LDFA), we had no idea that in five years, we'd have almost all the components to make a complete AR15. .

Those that know us know that we don't simply plaster our logo on something and call it our own.  FCD components that are based on existing products made by our friends (such as upper receivers and hand guards) have our design input on ergonomics and function.  It is not our intention to make everything for the AR, there are TDP spec parts that are so good, they need no improvement, and there are areas we're not interested in, such as barrels, triggers, and polymer molded components, where excellent products already exist.

In 2020, complete barrelled uppers with almost all FCD components are the next logical step for us.  The one before complete FCD ARs.

UCF 12.5 will differ from time to time insofar as colors, included equipment, and choice of components. 

UCF 12.5 (Complete Upper, Forward Controls, 12.5") consists of the following:
* URF v3
* MSQ-H (MLOK Sling adapter, QD, Heavy)
* EPC (Ejection Port Cover), in anodized black
* RHF 11.5" (Railed Handguard Forward Controls)
* SOA / FCD collaboration 12.5" barrel with gas port optimized for unsuppressed use, more info on the barrel: https://www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/sgt-of-arms-barrels.html
* Gas tube, with GBF0.750 (Gas Block, Forward Controls) pinned to the barrel

As you may already have a forward assist and BCG, they are not included, but are available in the drop down menus.

Each UCF is assembled by Sgt of Arms for Forward Controls, and individually test fired.  Shell deflectors may have brass marks.

For more info on Sgt. of Arms, please visit this link: https://www.sgtofarms.com/

All components are made in USA.  NFA regulations apply.

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