Warranty and Support

Everything we produce has a life time, transferable and warranty. Whether you purchased the item from a dealer / distributor, our online store, or pre-owned, we will handle the warranty, repair or exchange..

What we can't cover are user induced damages, damages resulted from misunderstanding of proper installation procedures, abuse and misuse of components and tools..  Not everyone should be working on firearms, not every "gunsmith" is a qualified gunsmith to work on AR15s, Glocks and SIGs.

We encourage you to call or write us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.  Thus, our contact info is easy to find.

For support, customer service, dealer inquiries, please contact us at 310-428-9453, or email us at [email protected],

We don't like restocking fees, but this is changing.  Customers will be subject to a restocking fee, up to 10% of the product IF products are returned without all the parts that were included, i.e. missing screws, wrenches and VC-3 packets.  Please be sure to return everything the product was shipped with.

Also please note that from Nov of 2021, we no longer refund shipping charges on returned orders ($9.50).

Thank you.