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This is for our late friend, Will Larson, the beloved AR guru of Semper Paratus Arms.  Josh Katz and we wrote the following for Will's memorial fundraiser, I think it's appropriate for this page as well.

William Larson of Semper Paratus Arms passed away on Saturday, 29-June-2019. 

A Veteran of the US Army and US Coast Guard with 10 years of service to our Great Nation, Will had deployed to Iraq in 2005 in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  He served as an Armorer and Instructor for the Department of Defense and well known private military companies.  He also worked at highly respected companies such as BCM and SIONICS Weapon Systems.

Will is best known for his Armorer's Courses that he taught across the United States.  These courses were universally praised for the breadth and depth of knowledge that he shared.

Will's no-nonsense demeanor, frankness and humor didn't take long to endear him to people that may have known him by reputation.  To those that know him and those that only knew him through the internet forums, his passing is both shocking and devastating.  Our hearts are broken.

Will had touched countless lives, many of whom he barely knew, that was Will.  He helped both individuals and companies and never asked for anything in return.  Many companies owe their existence and success to Will,  and his wisdom and knowledge has benefited many individuals that are completely unaware that the gear they use and trust have Will's fingerprints on it. 

His contribution to the industry is immeasurable and he is impossible to replace.  His passing is a great loss to his family and to those that know and love him in the industry.

Will didn't suffer fools gladly, and would let fly his dry sense of humor upon the hapless know it alls when he'd had enough.

He was a modest guy, one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, until he got tired of hearing the same nonsense repeated, and we loved him for it.

Will was always about doing everything correctly and properly.  Torquing the castle to spec and staking it in two places (per TM) was perhaps one of the better known subjects. 

Will's Nuts consists of a CNF engraved with Will's Nuts (on both sides), a Mayhew center punch (Will's favorite for staking castle nuts), engraved with #lego on one side, and Willspec on another, and a patch with our logo and #legos embroidered.  Proceeds of Will's Nuts will go to his family. 

For those that have contributed to Will's memorial fund on Gofundme, thank you.  If you have not done so yet, please visit this link to contribute: https://www.gofundme.com/f/rsyh3-the-will-larson-memorial-fund?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

Will was my friend.  He believed is us when we were a completely unknown startup nobody heard of in 2015, and when I was not in a position to of use to him.  But if you know Will, you'd know he couldn't care less about what one could do for him, he was always available and helping others regardless.  Forward Controls would not be the same without Will, and his wisdom and knowledge had graced more than a few FCD products.  We have missed him dearly.
5 Stars
As cheesy as it sounds, Will was a gift to the gun industry. This is a fitting tribute to a man who taught me far more than I ever expected. Kudos on the #legos, I can almost hear Will's snark filled response of "Legos have a spec."
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 9/26/2019
5 Stars
I was lucky enough to have known Will for the last decade or so. He was a good friend and an invaluable member of the firearms industry. His contributions to the AR platform can't be overstated. He was a brilliant mind and worked behind the scenes consulting with many OEM's to constantly keep making improvements. I helped organize, attended and helped him with at least a dozen of his classes over the years. One thing that was constant during his classes is that he ensured every single one of his students left class with a properly assembled, functioning rifle. He provided countless parts to his students (especially law enforcement officers who used their rifles in the line of duty) to make sure they would be ready if they were ever needed to be used to save lives. He was generous with his time, knowledge and everything else. He was always willing to answer his phone and talk shop, answer questions or listen to you vent. His sense of humor and his road rage rants were legendary. His is definitely missed and the world and community is a lessor place without him.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 10/5/2019

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