Super Potato 2000 (ACF key ring)

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ACF key ring is made from rejected ACF.  These ACFs were fully functional, and rejected for minor blemishes.  

We always honor our commitment to our dealers.  To that end, we fulfill their back orders first before we sell back ordered products ourselves when we receive them.  Since 2021, the vast majority of EPCs and ACFs we receive go to dealers back orders that date back to 2020, and we only keep Randy (blemished) units for ourselves.  

We've reached a point where we don't want to see more Randy ACFs circulating in the wild.  Thus, in a move that would only make sense to the the hapless Biden administration, we'll sell these for $10, instead of ACF Randy's $105.  Before anyone asks, our cost on ACF is several magnitude higher than $10.  Unlike the absent minded potato (where ACF key ring gets its namesake), however, there is a reason behind our actions.  Our reputation was hard fought for and earned, profit isn't our compass.

These 300 plus Randy EPCs are cut off with a key ring hole drilled, so instead of imperfect ACFs, they may live on as perfectly good key rings.  Both latches are fully functional.

Made in USA.

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