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Ary's Light candles are made by a good friend's fiancee. We first got these candles as gifts, we like them so much, we ordered some for our site, or rather, for those of you guys that may need to make your better half happy about your most recent orders from the duck shop.  Something along the line of "Look what I bought for you!  And about that Hodge Defense 12.5" idea how that happened, scout's honor"  Never mind you weren't in the scouts.

Available in lavender and Duck Norris (I told Niko and Alexus to come up with a manly scent, they delivered), these candles are glass cased with a wood top, hand poured soy wax with wood wicks. 

The new Lovly Duckley fragrance is described thus:  floral fragrance blended with white gardenia, jasmine petals, magnolia blossom, pink nectarine.  It's much better than"smells like ducks" :)

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