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BIS, P365X is a set of backup sights developed by Ameriglo for Forward Controls Design for our OPF-P365X, RMRcc.

NOTE: OPF-P365X, RMRcc is incompatible with P365 Macro, or the new (October, 2022) version of P365X that has the rear sight in its own dovetail.  

It is compatible with the older generation of P365X, where the optics plate and rear sight are integrated:

SIG P365X and P365XL have a similar optics plate/rear sight design as the M17/M18, where the rear sight and optics plate are integrated, which means if the user removes the optics late, the rear sight is also removed, a red dot sight is now installed but the rear sight is now missing.

BIS, P365X is made for the OPF-P365X, RMRcc plate with an integrated dovetail. Due to the design confines of the P365X, OPF-P365X, RMRcc has to be made thicker than our other plates, as it not only has to bring a flat mounting surface for the RMRcc, it also has to have adequate thickness for a rear sight dovetail.

BIS, P365X's front sight is 0.510 over the top of the P365X slide.  

For LE users whose agencies authorize P365X and RMRcc, and also mandates backup sights for red dot equipped handguns, OPF-P365X, RMRcc and BIX, P365X are designed and made for them.

P365X holsters from Henry Holsters and PHLSTER can accommodate a P365X/XL with BIS, P365X.
Compatible holsters with BIS, P365X: 
PHLster Skeleton, Enigma (both WML and non-WML, both RH and LH versions), and Pro
Henry Holsters Ember for P365X with TLR7

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