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CSR (Compact Sectional Rods) was originally conceived to be a short and compact sectional rods for dislodging stuck cases in the chamber when mortaring the AR15/M16 fails.  The USGI cleaning rods are almost perfect for the job, except they're quite long.  We wanted shorter rods that can be carried in packs more easily.  CSR can also be used as a cleaning rod with the provided brass jag, it is not its primary function, however.

CSR  is a kit consists of precision machined 17-4 stainless steel, short (4.8" max length) rods with bead blasted matte finish, also included are a machined brass jag, and 17-4 stainless steel plug/ram.  CSR is based on the old M16 cleaning rods, we've done away with the folding T handle to reduce bulk when stowed.

CSR has the following components: a handle (4.55"), standard length rods (4.8"), short rods (3.95"), a jag for cleaning patches, and a serrated plug for clearing stuck cases.  Though designed so it can be stored inside Vltor and SOPMOD stocks storage compartments (10.5 - 12.5, and 14.5 - 16 kits only, 18 - 20 kit is too bulky),  we don't believe in using the AR as a suit case or storage platform, and prefer to store our batteries and small spare parts, including the CSR,  in the pack.  CSR can be ordered with a hand made, custom pouch, it can also be stored in a pistol magazine pouch.  In case CSR is carried in the stock, we provide with a 1" elastic nylon band that keeps the rods together and from rattling inside the stock's storage compartment.

The jag is machined in brass, while the stainless steel plug is 17-4 SS (same material as the rods).   The stainless plug should be threaded to the end of the rod when CSR is used to dislodge a stuck casing.

CSR is available in the following configurations.
10.5 - 12.5: 1 handle, 1 standard length rod, 2 short rods, 1 ram plug and 1 jag.
14.5 - 16: 1 handle, 3 standard length rods, 1 short rods, 1 ram plug and 1 jag.
18 - 20: 1 handle, 3 standard length rods, 2 short rods, 1 ram plug and 1 jag.

CSR is incompatible with USGI cleaning rods attachments (chamber brush, jag, and bore brush), as it is threaded for 8-32, we will have a 8-32 to 8-36 adapter that allows the use of USGI cleaning rods attachments.

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